Slot Game Review: Jack in the Pot

There are many software developers working in the iGaming sector, and some of them have achieved legendary status. These established names may get all the press, but don’t forget about up-and-coming names like Red Tiger Gaming that are just as deserving of your attention.

They are still considered a relative newbie to the sector, despite the fact that they have been active and productive since its formation in 2014. Because of this, they’ve risen to prominence in the iGaming markets of Europe and Asia. It’s possible that this is why there’s so much anticipation for their new album, Jack in a Pot. This Irish-themed slot machine has 7 reels with cluster wins that are sure to get your blood pumping and, by extension, your wallets full. Jack in a Pot is a jolly little leprechaun who helps us navigate the game’s payouts, and it’s a mean green machine.

Do you think you’ll be blessed with Irish luck? What is it?

In-Game Icons

We don’t know much about the game’s icons because they’re being kept secret until the game’s official release in a few days. Despite this, we can confidently anticipate a regular paytable of cash rewards and a number of unique bonus features.

Lower-value symbols are typically game-themed depictions of card suits, whereas higher-value symbols feature more abstract representations of the theme. This is run for the course for any slot machine, with the vivid colors of Jack in a Pot being its only true distinguishing feature in comparison to other online pokies. Wild symbols, beer, and gold coins will be showering down on the seven wheels, but we’ll get into the specifics later.


This mobile and desktop game offers the same action that Red Tiger fans have come to expect: winning combinations yield different rewards, and some rewards unlock bonus games. The only major difference from a regular penny slot is that the winlines have been converted into cluster payouts, expanding the number of possible win locations and the frequency with which they occur.

You’ll be put to the test when playing this game, but the rewards will be well worth it in the end. This game stands out from the crowd since its volatility is rather high, despite cluster payouts, but its hit rate is even higher. The hardest challenge you’ll face is landing the clusters that trigger the mini games or the massive win reward represented by the leprechaun.

Additional Value

We’ve talked a lot about bonuses without going into much depth thus far, and that’s not going to change anytime soon because Red Tiger aren’t dishing out many specifics just yet. While we can’t reveal every detail, we can advise you to get ready for a variety of bonus features, some of which are free spins and others of which are completely different.

The Magic Pipe, Beer, and Hat appear on the reels at random and can alter the entire grid if they are placed next to a winning payline. Everyone, including ourselves, is wondering how they manage to pull this off. Expanding wilds, or perhaps the power to transform like symbols into other high-paying ones, is what we’re anticipating. Whatever the outcome, it seems that players will have a lot of free time once they get started, with several options that go beyond the norms of free spins.


We hate to be a broken record, but there just aren’t enough details to go around in this section. However, similar to before, we know just enough to whet our appetites, such as a massive payoff of x2,000! The maximum payout in this game is a solid bar of gold, so you can consider it the proverbial “pot at the end of the rainbow.” Of course, for that payoff to be worthy of you being a highroller, it stands to reason that your stake will likely need to be high in nature, which might leave budget gamers out in the cold.

Although we can only speculate, we imagine that the lower-value card suites will provide relatively meager payouts, while the themed icons will have you raking in the dough.


The truth is that at this early stage, there is still too much uncertainty to arrive at a firm conclusion. From the little we know about Jack in a Pot and from our own experience with it, we can say that it has a lot of potential, especially in terms of bonuses. The game’s large size, cluster wins, and other bonus features have us quite intrigued. Will the parts play nicely together, though? In the next few days, when Red Tiger Gaming releases its long-awaited Irish-themed treat, we’ll find out.

If you just can’t wait, you can always check out the Red Tiger website for more information right now; just know that you might not find everything you’re looking for there. at least not until the countdown clock reaches zero on launch day!

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